SRA Program Launch Definitions

In an effort to give you more information and tools at your finger tips. SRA has a feature that allows you open up a software application, document or website from within SRA.

For instance, if you want to have quick access to technical specifications for a specific forklift product line from a manufacturer website, you can add a menu item in the “Tools” menu for efficient access to the data you want.

To add this website, go to preferences and click the “Program Launch Definitions” tab.

big launch definitions

In the “Menu Name” box, add put the title of the program, document or data that you want to see. This text will show up in the “Tools” menu.

In the first line under “Program Name”, you will want to click the “Browse Button” and find the executable file for the web browser that you want to use. (if you find it difficult to find the .exe file {executable file}, right click the browser icon on your desktop and select properties. A dialog box will open and chose the “Shortcut” tab. The “target” shows the file location of the program. You can either copy this or browse to the location.)

Copy web address of the of site page that contains the technical specifications into the “Command Line” box and click “Apply” or “OK and your entry will be saved as menu item under “Tools”.

Go take a look at the “Tools” menu and you will see your new entry. Click on the new menu listing and SRA will open your web browser to the web page of your choice.

lauch tools

You can also have quick access to any type any document saved on your computer or network location. Follow the instructions above, but click “Browse” and navigate directly to the file of which you want to open. Click “OK”, add the name of the file to the “Menu Name” field, click “OK”, and the document will be accessible as a menu item under “Tools.”

Other application for this feature would be to access and open finance rate sheets, technical data for attachments and any software application.

If you have questions or need help with any of these preferences please contact us.

Top 10 Preference Settings

There are many preference settings that can be used to customize SRA to meet your needs. Below are just 10 of the common preference settings that can be adjusted in the program: 1. Worksheet Summary - In this tab, you can manipulate and customize the look of the...

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SRA PDF Library

We understand that an equipment sales rep needs to have a diverse mix of information at their disposal in order to create a complete equipment proposal. One of our goals is to see to it that a sales rep has all of the information they need from inside SRA. On the tool...

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SRA adds the Wacker-Neuson Product Line

Yosemite Software is happy to announce the addition of the Wacker-Neuson product line to SRA. Wacker- Neuson manufactures a complete line of concrete technology equipment, compaction equipment, worksite technology equipment and compact construction equipment.  For the...

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Document Attachments In SRA

In our development and continual improvement of SRA, we are always creating ways to make things more efficient for forklift sales teams. In the instance of the feature that we call, “the paperclip”, we have devised a way to attach all of the files related to a deal to...

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History of Yosemite Software and SRA

Early Years Ray Marean started his programming career with IBM. He eventually left IBM and started a company that programmed environmental systems for department store chains. In 1994, Ray was approached by his neighbor who was a Komatsu forklift sales person. The...

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2014 MHEDA Convention

We will be in attendance at the 2014 MHEDA Convention to be held May 3th through the 7th in Orlando, Florida. We would love to see you there. If you want to see a demonstration of SRA's newest features or just want to chat, let us know and we can set up a time and...

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SRA Gets Dock & Door Equipment

Yosemite Software is happy to announce that SRA now has the ability to quote dock and door systems. This capability comes through the addition of the McGuire product line to SRA . McGuire manufacturers a full line of dock equipment including levelers, shelters, seals...

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Customized Dealer Tables

Much more information goes into a forklift quote than just the forklift configuration information and options pricing that is usually obtained from the manufacturer.  SRA worksheets and proposals often contain information that is either proprietary or specific to...

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The SRA Trouble Report

It is important to all of us at Yosemite Software that you have the ability to make fast and accurate lift truck quotes in an efficient manner. In the event that you have a critical issue or simple question, we feel that it is critically important that you have the...

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Manufacturer Support and SRA

Our goal at Yosemite Software is to increase the effectiveness of the forklift sales process for both the individual sales person and the dealerships. Many different aspects of your business come together in order for us to provide the service and software that we...

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SRA Update Viewer

The programmers at Yosemite Software are continually updating the SRA software in order to improve the features and user experience of the program. In addition to these updates, there are many manufacturer price book updates published on a regular basis. You may see...

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SRA One Click Feature

A new feature has been added to SRA. We call this feature "One Click." When working within the equipment worksheet of SRA, a double click was required to open the "Customer Information", "Worksheet Information", "Equipment Selection" and  "Dealer Adds" dialogue boxes....

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MCFA LiftNet 2.0 Integration

Yosemite Software is excited to announce a strategic software collaboration with MCFA to provide a connection between SRA and MCFA's new quote and order entry system, LiftNet 2.0. MCFA will be rolling out their new CRM in September 2013 which will be the primary...

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Automatic Quote and File Name Feature

When creating a worksheet, SRA can automatically create a unique quote/file name for that worksheet and quote. Previously, you had two format options to select from: 1. Sales person's initials and  a unique number, or 2. Sales person's initials, the forklift model...

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Generic Worksheet for SRA

When using SRA to create a new forklift proposal, the equipment and financial worksheets bring together all of the important data that you have selected during the process and imports that data into your customized proposal and order. We understand that  in certain...

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MHEDA’s 58th Annual Convention Wrap-Up

We embarked on our journey from the Yosemite area to the MHEDA Convention on Sunday morning at 8 am. We made the decision to do everything we could do to bypass Southern California traffic. Our desert scenic route took us through the Tehachapi Mountains, Apple Valley...

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See Us At MHEDA’s 58th Annual Convention

We will be in attendance at the 2013 MHEDA Convention to be held May 4th through the 8th in Palm Desert, California. We would love to see you there. You can find out more information at the MHEDA website. While at the convention, if you want to see a demonstration of...

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The SRA Worksheet Summary (Video)

The worksheet summary function in SRA allows the user to view all of their saved quotes at a glance. The summary sheet can be customized and sorted with different criteria so that saved quotes are easy to find and open in a worksheet. To open the quote in a worksheet,...

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Creating Forklift Worksheet Templates in SRA (video)

SRA allows you to create custom worksheet templates for commonly quoted forklift models and configurations. By saving worksheet templates in SRA, sales professionals can create proposals for commonly quoted forklift configurations in just a matter of moments. The...

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Creating Forklift Dealer Prep & Freight Tables in SRA (video)

SRA gives you the ability to add customized dealer prep and freight tables based on model and product line. This feature will allow you to automatically add dealer prep, freight in and freight out fees quickly and accurately while creating your forklift quote and...

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The SRA Forklift Capacity Calculator (video)

When you add  an attachment to a forklift, the added weight and dimension of the attachment reduces the overall weight capacity of the forklift. SRA has a capacity calculator function in the program in order to help estimate the new net capacity with an attachment and...

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Forklift Manufacturer Ranking Statistics

The dhf Intralogistik 2011/2012 world ranking of powered industrial truck manufacturers has been published. The top 5 manufacturers; Toyota, Kion, Jungheinrich, NACCO, and Crown all maintained the same position as their 2010/2011 rankings. Mitsubishi Heavy Equipment...

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Forklift Finance Plans in SRA (video)

Custom finance and lease plans can be created in SRA so that you can select from several finance options at the click of a button. The selected finance information will be automatically imported into your forklift proposal enabling you to easily give your customers...

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ProMat Expo 2013

    We are going to ProMat 2013! If you are planning on going, we would love to see you there. Whether you want to see a demonstration of SRA's newest features or just want to have a cup of coffee and chat, let us know and we can set up a time and place. Karil Piskur...

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SRA Customization

SRA can automatically import your worksheet data to word documents with your company letterhead and other design elements with customizable templates. In addition, SRA can automatically create and submit your factory and internal sales orders based on templates...

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SRA Intuitive Compatibility Checking

Yosemite Software pioneered the concept of using intuitive compatibility checking when selecting equipment options to assure that choices made are consistent with published manufacturer’s production and design constraints. SRA simplifies the quote creation process...

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What is Intuitive Compatibility Checking?

You will find that the sales and marketing team at Yosemite Software commonly use the terms automated compatibility checking, intuitive compatibility checking or even, built in logic to describe the primary functionality of the equipment configurator in our sales...

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MHEDA’s WikiMHEDA Resource

I was recently writing an article about the intuitive compatibility checking in the SRA equipment configurator. In order to write an article about compatibility checking, it is necessary to know something about the different types of options on a forklift and how they...

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Backup Your SRA Worksheets

It is very important that you backup your saved SRA worksheets! These worksheet files are a record of the equipment configurations for your customer's quotes. Additionally,  they are used by SRA to create your customer database which populates the “To” field in the...

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New Forklift QuoteTemplate

SRA gives you the ability to convert your forklift quote worksheet to a  custom proposal that is unique to dealer and manufacturer specifications. A new template option has been created so that  you can add a picture of a forklift to the proposal as it is being...

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New SRA Reporting Feature

A new reporting feature has been added to the SRA forklift sales software for dealerships and manufacturers with SRA server installations. The new option will allow users to access worksheet data based on assigned reporting levels. Authorization levels determine the...

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Are You Using SRA to Its Greatest Potential?

Sales Rep's Assistant (SRA) is a very powerful tool. We recently took the time to write out a laundry list of the features and benefits of SRA. We made note of 75 individual features and benefits, and I think, if we really wanted to get down into the minutia, we could...

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Support Options for the SRA Forklift Quote Software

It is important to all of us at Yosemite Software that you have the ability to make fast and accurate lift truck quotes in an efficent manner. In the event that you have a critical issue or simple question, we feel that it is critically important that you have the...

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Dealer Spotlight: Wisconsin Lift Truck

Question and Answer with Jerry Weidmann President of Wisconsin Lift Truck & President of MHEDA We are pleased to highlight Wisconsin Lift Truck Corp and Jerry Weidmann. Jerry  is the President of Wisconsin Lift Truck and President of MHEDA and was gracious enough to...

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New Reporting for SRA – Forklift Quote Software

SRA is primarily known as an automated forklift quote software, but due to it's reporting capabilities and other features, SRA can be considered, more broadly, as a forklift sales software. During the quote creation process, the salesperson has the opportunity to...

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Using the SRA Worksheet Summary Function

The worksheet summary function in SRA allows the user to view all of their equipment quote worksheets at a glance. To open the Worksheet Summary, click this icon in the toolbar:     The "Open Quotes Worksheet Summary" window will then open as shown below: You can...

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Fork Lift Clamp Release Lock Out Option

Forklifts that are sold in the United States are built to the standards as published in ANSI /ASME B56.1 as revised.  Recently, a very important addition to these standards has been promulgated. Any forklift for which it is intended to have a hydraulically operated...

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The 57th Annual MHEDA Convention

In May, MHEDA will be holding its 57th Annual Convention and Exhibitors Showcase. Yosemite Software is proud to be one of the presenters at the Exhibitors Showcase and we invite you to visit us at booth 215 on May 7th 9:30am to 12:30pm. We look forward to seeing you...

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