There have been questions regarding the asterisk, or “*”, that precedes the name of some categories in the configurator portion of the SRA forklift software. This indicator at the beginning of the category name, tells the program NOT to print the category name or selection in the customer proposal, but it will include any costs that might be part of that option to be calculated into the total price of the unit.

SRA Forklift Software - The Asterisk "*" in the Quote Configurator

One reason that the category might be marked in this way is to help reduce possible errors. A selection in a *Mast Type” category (e.g. Simple, Triple, or Quad) would subsequently display only a list of that type of desired mast. This can help reduce errors because the sales person would then focus only on dimensions of the mast style that has already been determined.

A second reason that this would be used would be to reduce the number of options that would be displayed if a predetermining parameter were not chosen. This is often done in the case of Load Wheel Factor for Straddle Trucks. There is one case where making a simple pre-selection from a category reduces a potential display of 64 options, all with slightly different dimensions, to just two.

A final reason that this type of notation would be used is in cases where a charge is applied to the cost of a unit by the manufacturer, but the dealer does not want it displayed in the customer proposal. An example of this might be a standard per unit add-on for advertising costs or on-line support.

Any selections made in a category that is preceded by an asterisk WILL display and print in the proposal worksheet. This is to allow visual checking to determine that the correct focus for later selections has been made. Nothing will be printed in the proposal being prepared for the customer. If you have further questions regarding this or any other feature of our forklift quote software, please do not hesitate to contact us.