SRA features automatic manufacturer, dealer and software updates.

The greatest benefit of this feature is that your organization will always have the most current manufacturer pricing, models, and options in the program.

Our manufacturer relationships enable us to roll out automated price book and manufacturer updates in a timely fashion so that you do not get stuck in the position of wondering if you are creating quotes and orders with incorrect data and pricing. These updates are transmitted directly into the software on a regular basis, and the updates are, in many circumstances, uploaded on the same date as the manufacturer release date.

SRA automatically updates software changes and improvements in order to ensure that you are using the most current version and software features.

In addition to manufacturer and software updates, SRA can also remotely distribute and update dealer data and media to the SRA users in your organization. Some of the dealer specific information commonly distributed are equipment pictures, PDF files, templates, preferences, local dealer adds, custom descriptions, finance plans, lease plans, maintenance plans, and customer databases.