Much more information goes into a forklift quote than just the forklift configuration information and options pricing that is usually obtained from the manufacturer.  SRA worksheets and proposals often contain information that is either proprietary or specific to dealer needs.

Dealer Specific Data

Below is a list of some of the types of dealer specific data that may be necessary:

Freight In Amounts Freight Out Amounts
Dealer Prep Amounts Manufacturer Discounts
Alternate Options Dealer Margin or Markup
Dealer  products Attachments
Allied products Warranty info
Finance and Lease Options Maintenance Plans
Miscellaneous Add-ons

While you can include all of this type of information in a SRA worksheet by entering the information manually, some may not know that all of the above types of data can be pre populated into SRA by the use of tables.


The benefit of this feature is that when creating a quote worksheet, all of this data can be automatically added to your worksheet according to predefined criteria such as forklift model. An enormous amount of time is saved from the sales person’s point of view because all of this important information is right there in the program, and they do not need to go out find the information form another source and enter it manually for each proposal.

Contact Us for Help

It does take some effort to set the tables up.The SRA support team can help you set these tables up and teach you how to maintain them with a minimal amount of work and upload the tables.  Click here to see a video on how to maintain Freight and Dealer Prep Tables. If you are interested in having us help with any of your dealership specific data, please let us know.