Forklifts that are sold in the United States are built to the standards as published in ANSI /ASME B56.1 as revised.  Recently, a very important addition to these standards has been promulgated.

Any forklift for which it is intended to have a hydraulically operated clamping attachment installed, where the load is lifted or handled through the clamping function, the hydraulic circuit activating the clamp release must have a double action control to open the clamp.  Examples of this type of attachment would include – but not be limited to – Paper Roll Clamps, Carton Clamps, Appliance Clamps, Barrel Clamps, etc.

 Virtually all forklift manufacturers are now offering a Clamp Release Function Lock-Out option.  The lock-out may be either through push-button electrical actuation with solenoids, or a mechanical stop that prevents lever movement until it is unlocked, either one requiring a two step clamp opening procedure.

As the various manufacturers began offering this option to meet the new ANSI B56.1 standards,  Yosemite Software added a requirement to the software where the salesperson must indicate the type of attachment to be installed (either Clamping or Non-Clamping) in order to facilitate the dealer’s compliance to this standard. The salesperson must make this selection when creating a quote in order to display appropriate hose groups, hydraulic valve and control options.

We at Yosemite Software Solutions feel that this feature in SRA is a great benefit by assuring the standards will be met on the factory order placed by the dealer, as well as reducing the chance for a costly and time consuming error that will require installation of the mechanism in the field.  As always, any questions and/or comments are welcome.