SRA can automatically import your worksheet data to word documents with your company letterhead and other design elements with customizable templates. In addition, SRA can automatically create and submit your factory and internal sales orders based on templates custom designed according to your specifications and needs.  If you want to quote several product lines in the same proposal, SRA has the capability to create customizable and professional fleet proposals when a customer requests quotes for multiple products and configurations.

In addition to customizable quotes, proposals and orders, several optional features with in SRA are able to be adapted according to your needs. Below are some of  the customizations that can be pre-populated with your specifications for use within SRA:

Freight in and freight out tables
Tables for dealer prep fees
Tables for manufacturer, dealer and special discounts
Tables for margin and/or markup
Tables for dealer specific products and services
Battery and charger discount tables set up for each model
Attachment tables
Allied product tables
Payment terms tables
Finance and lease plan information
Maintenance plan information
Finance rate tables with different rates for equipment, battery, charger, attachments, and dealer add items
Outside warranty plans`