Key SRA Features

SRA Intuitive Compatibility Checking

Yosemite Software pioneered the concept of using intuitive compatibility checking when selecting equipment options to assure that choices made are consistent with published manufacturer’s production and design constraints.

Automated Manufacturer Pricing & Data Updates

SRA automatically updates manufacturer data and ensures that your sales team has the most current model and option pricing in order to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Dealer Customizable Features

Many features in SRA can be customized to the specific needs of your dealership: customer proposals; tables for freight, dealer prep, discounts, margin/markup, dealer adds, attachments, allied products; finance plans; lease plans; warranties and maintenance plans.

SRA Feature and Benefit List

Automated Manufacturer Updates

SRA automatically updates manufacturer data and ensures that your sales team has the most current model and option pricing in order to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Automatic Software Updates

Automated software updates keep your software versions and tables up to date in order to make sure that you have the most recent software features and dealer data. This feature will also allow you to remotely upload and distribute pictures, PDF files, templates, preferences, local dealer adds, custom descriptions, finance plans, lease plans, maintenance plans, and customer databases to your sales staff thru SRA.

Configuration Engine with Intuitive Compatibility Checking

Intuitive compatibility checking gives you a high level of confidence that your proposals and orders are being created with accuracy. The potential for errors in your proposals and orders is greatly minimized.

Automated Calculations

SRA allows the dealer to pre-set your own discounts and margins that they want to use for increased accuracy and efficiency in pricing calculations.

Automated, Custom Customer Proposals

Worksheets are automatically converted to customized proposals according to dealer specifications. The proposal templates are designed with the data and graphics that you desire in order to maintain a professional look and consistency throughout your organization

Manufacturer Standard Descriptions

All of the standard equipment data for the selected model is easy to access in the worksheets, and automatically included in the proposal in order to increase efficiency and customer knowledge.

Dealer Add-ons and Options

Easily add equipment attachments, allied products, dealer services or other dealer options to your quotes. This feature saves time and increases uplift opportunities for your sales team.

Used Equipment

Used equipment inventory can be uploaded into SRA and made available to all SRA users so that your sales team can create used equipment proposals using many of SRA’s features.

Customized Worksheet Templates

In order to save time in creating a worksheet, predesigned worksheets can be made for commonly quoted equipment configurations.

Battery and Charger Configurator

Battery worksheets are created according to the specifications of the forklift model and automatically added to the forklift worksheet for convenience, efficiency and accuracy. The battery configurator will only allow you to choose batteries that fit the chosen forklift model and allow you to choose chargers that will work with the chosen battery.

Automated Financial Worksheets

SRA creates a financial worksheet with trade in, leasing and finance information from your existing worksheets in order to save time in compiling this data.

Finance and Lease Plans

Lease and finance information can be customized according to your dealership’s financing options and can be added to the customer’s proposal.  Finance rates can be pre-configured with different rates for equipment; batteries, chargers, attachments, and dealer add items.  This feature increases the efficiency of adding this information to your proposals and assists in educating your customers on the multiple financial options available to them.

Alternate Options

Alternate options are options listed at the end of the proposal, but not included in the dollar amount of the quote. When an alternate option is added, the price difference is automatically calculated in order to create an easy way of increasing customer purchase options and uplift opportunities.

File Attachments

Attach digital documents to the worksheet in order to organize everything related to the deal in one place.

Customized, Pre-designed Notes

Attach notes to your worksheet in order communicate information to your customers or others in your organization.  Notes can be designed with preconfigured information, so that commonly used communications can be quickly selected and reused for efficiency.

Customized Tables

Several types of customized and prepopulated tables can be created and uploaded into SRA. This feature gives you the ability easily add dealer specified data into your worksheets, proposals and orders.

Below is a list of the data tables that can be uploaded into SRA for greater efficiency:

…freight in

…freight out

…dealer prep fees

…manufacturer discounts

…dealer margin or markup

…dealer specific products or services

…battery and charger discounts


…allied products

…payment terms

Customer Data Management

As customer data is manually entered or imported into SRA, it is automatically saved in the program for future use in order to provide convenience, accuracy and efficiency.

Integration with your CRM

Depending on which CRM your organization uses, it may be possible for SRA to integrate with your CRM and allow your data to flow interchangeably between applications.

Worksheet Summary

The worksheet summary enables you to see your quotes in one view for ease of access. It can be customized and sorted with different criteria so that you have quick accessibility to your previously created worksheets.

Customized reports

Reports can be created with a wide range of search criteria giving you the ability to analyze your sales metrics. Below are some of the search criteria or metrics available:

…product line

…quote activity

…sales probability

…sales forecast


…ITA class

…sold quote

…open quote

…lost quote

Tiered Reporting Levels

Tiered reporting levels can be set to determine what data individuals can view according to sales territory, dealership location, sales manager and/or sales representative.

Archived Price Books

Archived price books allow you to lock in pricing using older price books when you wish to fulfill contracts for equipment after the manufacturer updates pricing.

Full Service and Responive Support

We take pride in offering you full service support of SRA to ensure that your questions or issues are solved in a professional and responsive manner.

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance plan information can be designed according to the dealership’s options and added to your customer proposals to increase uplift opportunities and customer knowledge.

Generic Worksheet

Free form worksheets allow you to quote items that do not need configuration such as racking, parts, batteries and services so that you have flexibility and convenience of creating proposals with many types of products.

Sales Orders

The sales order is a customizable, internal document that summarizes all aspects of the sales transaction and is automatically converted from a worksheet for convenience. Sales orders are commonly used by the sales department to communicate all aspects of the transaction to the accounting department.

Factory Orders

The factory order is a customizable document that is automatically converted from a worksheet allowing you to create a factory order that can be submitted to the factory with all of the necessary dealer and manufacturer data.

Flexible Software Installation

SRA can be installed in a few different ways in order to meet the network and computing requirements of your organization.

Tablet or iPad Capability

SRA can be accessed on network connected tablet or iPad devices using remote desktop type applications and services.

Automated Tax Calculation

Tax rates can be predefined and included in your financial worksheet for your convenience.

Reduced Capacity/De-rate Calculator

The integrated industry standard calculator provides the estimated reduced capacity based on the attachment specifications in order to confirm that attachment choices are compatible with the chosen chassis.

Google Maps

SRA has a hot button link to Google Maps in order to help you find driving directions to your customer’s location.

Built-in Site Survey

A site survey can be built into SRA in order to help define forklift configuration specifications.

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