A new reporting feature has been added to the SRA forklift sales software for dealerships and manufacturers with SRA server installations. The new option will allow users to access worksheet data based on assigned reporting levels.

Authorization levels determine the data that  individuals in the organization can view according to sales territory, dealership location, sales manager and/or sales representative. With this new reporting feature, individual sales representatives are able to report on and view data related to the worksheets that they create.

Sales Managers are able to view and report on data for individual sales representatives under their supervision.

District Managers are able to view and report on all data within a defined territory/dealership location.

The Regional Managers are able view and report on all available SRA sales data within a defined dealership location.

The goal of this additional functionality is to enable your sales team to view SRA sales data in a way that is appropriate to the hierarchy of your sales organization.

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