Gene Haake – Equipment Depot

Gene Haake
Director of Industrial Sales
Northern Region Equipment Depot

“Having been an avid user of the SRA program for over ten years, I’ve been continually impressed by its ease of use and flexibility while maintaining the multiple levels of safeguards necessary to protect our organization against costly order entry errors.

In the past, we’ve reviewed other quoting packages (even ran side-by-side trial tests), but SRA provides more features and options which make it easier for our sales staff to quickly and accurately quote their customers than any we’ve seen to date. Having ability to configure an entire unit, including accessories and attachments, on the same workbook has been a key in reducing quotation prep time thus increasing our effective response to the client.

Additionally, the technical and support staff at Yosemite Software, while being both very knowledgeable and responsive, have always maintained a high level of professionalism in handling each support call or installation.

My personal satisfaction level with Yosemite and SRA remains very high. I look forward to the next product release from your company.”