When creating a worksheet, SRA can automatically create a unique quote/file name for that worksheet and quote. Previously, you had two format options to select from:

1. Sales person’s initials and  a unique number, or

2. Sales person’s initials, the forklift model name, and a unique number.

In response to a customer request, we added an optional third format:

Sales person’s initials, the customer name, the forklift model name and a unique number.

Using this auto naming option should allow you to find quotes associated with a specific customer more quickly when using the windows file explorer. (Hint: You can also find worksheets and quotes quickly according to customer name by using the (worksheet summary function.)

To change the naming format of the auto-generation feature, open preferences and click on the program defaults tab. Then, choose the type of nomenclature that you desire by clicking one of the boxes under “Automatic Quote/File Name Generation” as shown below:

Auto file name generation options

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