Sales Rep’s Assistant (SRA) is a very powerful tool. We recently took the time to write out a laundry list of the features and benefits of SRA. We made note of 75 individual features and benefits, and I think, if we really wanted to get down into the minutia, we could have listed more. You can see the current list here.

SRA was developed and designed from ground up by the suggestions and input of forklift sales professionals and the manufacturers. The application continues to grow and develop as we gather input from lift truck sales organizations throughout the World.

We find that sales teams are sometimes not fully aware of all of the advantages and intricacies of the software. Some of you have been using SRA for over 15 years and may not be aware of all of the new features that have been implemented over that time. Others may have just recently started using SRA and may not have not had a chance to obtain training from the Yosemite Software staff. Whatever your situation may be, we want to help.

We offer both onsite and webinar re-fresher training to help you keep educated on the many features of SRA.

For training and education inquiries or to ask a question,  below are the various ways that you can contact us:

Phone: 1-877-248-1771 ext. 2


Zendesk support site: . Click “submit a request” to send us a message.

Training videos are available on YouTube