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Yosemite Software is excited to announce a strategic software collaboration with MCFA to provide a connection between SRA and MCFA’s new quote and order entry system, LiftNet 2.0.

MCFA will be rolling out their new CRM in September 2013 which will be the primary source of lift truck configuration, pricing and ordering for MCFA dealers.

Yosemite Software has been working closely with MCFA so that SRA users will have the ability to use many of the automated dealer customized features of SRA while quoting MCFA equipment, such as the following: existing customer data, dealer adds, profit margins, battery and charger configurations, attachments, alternate options, dealer designed proposals, finance and lease plans, sales orders and multiple sales reports.

When creating a MCFA proposal, SRA will recognize that you are working with the MCFA product line and provide a connection to the MCFA configurator. After configuring the equipment, the MCFA program will pass the equipment information into SRA to be saved as an SRA worksheet, and you will be able to use your dealer specific SRA features to create your proposal.

MCFA will be hosting introductory sales coordinator training for the new software on August 15th-16th or August 21st -22nd at their site in Houston. During that time, Karil Piskur of Yosemite Software will be holding SRA training classes at MCFA to help SRA users with the transition to the new system.

If you have questions or would like to schedule one on one time with Karil, feel free to contact us. 1-877-248-1771 ext 2.