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I was recently writing an article about the intuitive compatibility checking in the SRA equipment configurator. In order to write an article about compatibility checking, it is necessary to know something about the different types of options on a forklift and how they interrelate. Using the SRA sales software itself is a great way to learn about forklifts and the compatibility of the different options. But, what do you do if you don’t even know the difference between a simplex, duplex, triplex, or quad mast.   (Please do not laugh…I am pretty much a “noob” to the material handling industry.)

I did my usual Google search to find out more information on a quad mast, and to my surprise, I found the WikiMHEDA website listed in the search results with a short and sweet definition for the quad mast. The definition helped confirm my intuition regarding the function of the quad mast which allowed me to continue with my article. (Look out for our next article and we will explain the effects of intuitive compatibility checking in SRA when you choose a quad mast in your configuration. You can sign up for updates at the right to be sent an email reminder of when new articles are written.) Material handling terms can also be browsed by category or by the alphabetical list. Feel free to play with it in the banner below:

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After looking up a few more forklift related definitions, I noticed that the site had much more useful information to offer:

The site has opportunities for discussion and user interaction as a source to educate people at all levels of material handling knowledge. If you are looking for material handling specific knowledge, I strongly suggest you check out WikiMHEDA.