SRA is primarily known as an automated forklift quote software, but due to it’s reporting capabilities and other features, SRA can be considered, more broadly, as a forklift sales software. During the quote creation process, the salesperson has the opportunity to enter the sale probability,  sale status and other important sales data into SRA in order to help report important sales information back to the sales management staff. 

Reports can be created with a wide range of search criteria giving you the ability to analyze your sales metrics. Below are some of the search criteria or metrics available:
…product line
…quote activity
…sales probability
…sales forecast
…ITA class
…sold quote
…open quote
…lost quote

 SRA was originally  built with a number of pre-designed Crystal Reports that can be run with user defined date ranges and product line selections. In order to improve the reports that SRA creates, we have recently completed a NEW reporting feature that does not use Crystal Reports. The new reporting feature greatly improves the performance of the application on server installations and will also resolve  potential software conflicts  when Crystal Reports is installed on the same computer as SRA.

 If you are interested in learning more about the reporting features of SRA, please do not hesitate to contact us.