Forklift Battery Price Books

A great feature of Sales Rep’s Assistant is its ability to configure your lift truck quotes with the appropriate battery.  We know it is important for each dealer to have their choice of battery manufacturers to distribute. The Yosemite Software programming team makes sure that you have the freedom to quote the necessary manufacturers with the fork lift configuration that you choose. The SRA battery configuration worksheet ensures that the correct battery configuration is paired with the specific forklift that you are quoting so that you can have confidence in the accuracy of your quote.

We have an extensive list of battery price books from which to choose, and we have just finished adding several new price books as listed below:

Clark Batteries for Clark
GNB  Industrial Power for Big Joe
GNB Industrial Power for Doosan
GNB Industrial Power for Komatsu
GNB Industrial Power for TCM
Hawker for Big Joe
Hawker for Doosan
Hawker for Komatsu
Hawker for TCM

We have or can create battery price books from many manufacturers such as SBS, BBI, Bulldog, C&D, Clark Battery, Crown Battery, Deka, Douglas, EnerSys (Ironclad & General), GNB Industrial Power, Hawker, Hoppecke, IBC, Interstate Powercare, Midac, Natech, Northeast, and R&W.  If your battery manufacturer is not in the list, we can create a custom price book according to your needs.

If you have any questions or would like to add any battery price books to your version of SRA, let us know.